Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Lazin' around & Soursop

Norm and I have never wanted to go on a resort trip. You know the kind. The all inclusive where you eat, drink and play for a week. We prefer to explore the areas we are visiting rather than sitting around a pool relaxing. But we had the opportunity this week to spend a day at an all inclusive Sandals resort. Norm was hesitant at first but I jumped at the chance to see what it would be like to be pampered for day. The price was right too. For $45. U.S. we were able to see what it’s like to vacation at an upscale resort. Visiting friends from Moncton had contacts with Sandals and were able to get the special rate for the six of us. We figure that Sandals started loosing money on us at about noon.

There are three Sandals resorts on the Island…all within 20 minutes of each other. I’m not sure how this one compares with the other two but it’s quite nice with beautiful landscaping, lots of flowers, several restaurants, friendly staff, a couple of pools and a beautiful beach. We arrived at about 10:30, reserved deck chairs for our group and immediately went to the Devil’s Hut, a little cafĂ© that specializes in deserts. We feasted on chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate fudge that was to die for. Others had waffles and crepes.

Lunch was an all you can eat buffet and of course, we did. Fish, chicken, beef, salads and more deserts. The restaurant is pretty much open with mesh netting covering the windows to keep the birds out. But it’s doing a better job keeping the birds in. They somehow manage to get into the restaurant and either don’t want to leave, or can’t find their way out. As soon as people leave their table, the birds are there, picking away at their plate.

We spent the afternoon lounging in and out of the pool, ordering drinks from the pool bar (something I’ve always wanted to do) swimming in the ocean and playing ping pong. We didn’t water ski or sail, though I was tempted. Norm didn’t want to try any of the fancy rum drinks they were serving but agreed that I could order him a rusty nail. When the waiter asked which of five kinds of scotch he wanted for his drink, I called him over so he could decide himself. But the waiter poured both the Drambuie and the scotch in the glass at the same time so apparently, it just wasn’t as good a rusty nail as it could have been.

Saturday was a special day at the resort. There were some 30 couples renewing their vows. They were of all ages and from different areas. It was impressive to see them all dressed up for the group photo at the end. I wanted to join in just so that I could get a beautiful bouquet of white roses. As the sun started to set, many of them gravitated toward the beach to take pictures with the sunset as their backdrop.

The 8 of us headed up to the room to get ready for dinner. Our reservation was at a fancy Italian restaurant where shorts and sandals were definitely not allowed. Men had to wear closed toed shows and a dress shirt. As you can see in the picture three of the four men in our group either decided not to wear socks or had forgotten to bring them. (Norm had given me the socks to pack in the bag and I left them on the bed. Our new friend Dan forgot all his socks in Moncton. Carl doesn’t want to wear socks while he’s in the Caribbean)

Supper was excellent. A wonderful antipasto followed by a four course meal. We haven’t been able to get good beef in St. Lucia so most of the men ordered the beef tenderloin, rare. I had the lamb but wish I’d ordered the beef. We were wiped by the end of the day and spent a lazy day on Sunday recovering from eating and drinking the day before. But all in all, a fun experience. I don’t think I’d want to do it for a week but I’d be willing to try. And there’s a chance we may get to do it again next week. This time I’ll skip the fruity drinks and just have the wine, more chocolate and definitely the roast beef, very rare.

We’ve written in past entries about the juice Norm has been making. His favourite fruit merchant introduced him to something new last week. Soursop. It’s a strange looking green fruit with little prickles all over it. You let it ripen at room temperature for a day, peel the skin, remove the seeds, mix the pulp with some water, blend it and then put it through a sieve to make juice. It can be added to milk. You can use it to make ice cream and it’s supposed to be good with rum. (But here they think everything is good with rum.) You have to be careful to remove the seeds because they are, according to a web site, somewhat toxic. The ground-up seeds are apparently good to kill head lice and tent caterpillars, should the need arise. Norm combined the soursop with some passion fruit and mango to make this week’s concoction. It made a couple of litres of tasty juice so if we find soursop again, we’ll probably buy some more. And who knows what new fruit we’ll discover next week.

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pakenne said...

That is exactly the kind of day I want when I go to the Carribean. I want to lounge on the beach, eat good food, enjoy the sun and have them wait on me. The Sandals resort looks great !